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Young Plants Green Powder Series
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Extracts of Zhong Huai - The Expert of Functional Health Products:

For the health of the people all over the world. We hope to develop industrial and commercial. Academic exchanges, technical and economic cooperation in this respect. Instant Zhong Huai Tea is prepared from Fructus Sophorae-the fruit of Sophora Japonica L. by modern scientific method. It's a kind of pure natural solid health drink material with distinctive smell, color and flavor like coffee (without caffeine). There is the tea suitable for patients suffering from habitual constipation, types of hemorrhoid and regulation metabolism of blood fat. The tea was approved by the Public Health Ministry, P, R. China as "HEALTH" products-WSJZ [1998] No.0170. It is also a patent product (Patent No.87107111.8 and 9800318.4).

The characteristics of the product are as follows :

1. The advanced process technology keeps the natural flavor and the nutrition of Fructus sophorae .

2. The color is similar to coffee.

3. 20kg / bag, packed with Aluminium Foil bags with Nitrogen filling in vaccum.

4. Storage in normal temperature.

5. Exported to U.S.A. for many years and was approved by FDA permission.

We Suggested that you may exploit various kinds of health product which mixed with extraction of Zhong Huai according to the needs of the people in different region :

1. To the special group: exploiting a kind of health product with low sugar (mixed with protein sugars, maltose, maltobiose aspartame, low calorie sugar , etc.) for the diabetics .

2. Exploiting a kind of health milk powder or cola beverage (for example, coffee or cola), Thus the product can't only moisturize the intestines to relax the bowels but also retain the original flavor .

3. Exploiting some low calories health products: mixed with full protein.

4. Exploiting high energy and rich nutritious products-sports type. Such as beverage, chocolate, coca powder and so on.

5. Directly manufactured into capsules, granules etc.

6. Exploiting tea beverage with extracts of Zhong Huai Would be the most reasonable choice for its low cost and fitting into the trends in the international market.

7. Different flavors in different regions. We should produce different health product. ( for example, the residents in Southeast Asia prefer to sweet food)

We believe that we can exploit many kinds of health products on the basis of the development academic exchanges and technical and economic cooperation with the people all over the world.

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