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Young Barley/Wheat Green Juice Powder

Recently, a kind of green food remedy for chronic tummy bug is being spring up in Australia, Japan and America. The leading actor of this remedy is barley/ Wheat leaves, which is rich in chlorophyll, protein, various vitamin and mineral, and be approved to have the function of resist chronic gastric ulcer, protect gastral wall, and resist pepsin.

Whereas, the additive and antiseptics that has been used in food and physic have put human beings in great dangers, So through years of research and development, our company distilled edible chlorophyll powder from many kinds of plants. The abundant chlorophyll can eliminate the chemical antiseptics in food, diminish inflammation, detoxify, anticancer, deodorize, get rid of body waste and increase the value of helpful cells without any side effect.

Function and Efficacy:

1. Diminish inflammation and resist ulcer

Chlorophyll is used in last century for accelerate concrescence and promote hemopoiesis. During the World War II, American army has used chlorophyll with antipyrotic and got good effect. Modern physics find that chlorophyll can accelerate the growth of new tissue in ulcer and concrescence. It is more effective than traditional antipyrotic when cure the gastric ulcer. It also can protect stomach wall, resist the pepsin ,and help the cure of chronic gastritis. Antipytrotic has being shrivel in the cure of chronic gastritis, but many sufferers said their symptom has been ameliorated evidently after eating chlorophyll powder, This indicated that chlorophyll has the function of diminishing inflammation and accelerate concrescence for inflammation in intestines.

2. Deoderization

Another function of chlorophyll is deodorization for foot odor, underarm odor and halitosis aroused by dydppepsia. The reason is it can restrain from produce sulfid in metabolism. Now chlorophyll has been used in chewing gum widely to enhance the effect of eliminate halitosis.

3. Decompose cholesterin

Chlorphyll powder can evidently lower blood cholesterin. This is managed by a special component hexacosanoical, which can restrain the intestines absorbability of cholesterin, especially the low-density lipoprotein. It is indicated by experiment that chilrophyll powder has the function of prevent from thrombus, which is the chief for brain clog and myocardial infarction.

4. Anticancer

The anticancer components of chlorphyll powder like SOD, P4-D1 and 2-0-GL have good effect in resist cancer. Some baneful super oxide free radical may be released during metabolism to destroy cells, senesce and arose of tumour, but as a powerful antioxidant, SOD can protect protect the body from aggrieved by free radical with its thousand-fold ability of anti-free radical as powder as Va and Ve Moreover, P4-D1can repair the scathing cells and counteract the toxicity of caricinogen.

5. Keep the balance of acid and alkali and regulate the concentration of blood sugar

Chlorophyll powder can help the body to keep the balance of acid and alkali with its plentiful mineral and alkaline substance, and another water solute matter (GMS-1) has the same function of lower blood sugar as insulin In addition, chlorophyll powder contains much SOD, which cooperates with other componment, can regulate blood pressure ,accelerate concrescence and eliminate the toxicity of cigarette, alcohol and other chemical substance.

Suitable for:


1. The best health food for the elderly, infant, pregnant woman, fieldworker, and those work in camping and frontier.

2. Used for the surgery infection and wound, because it can promote the growth of health tissue and accelerate concrescence, For example, it is very helpful for the healing of cholecystitis, osteomyelitis, surgery and fracture.

3. Used for the assistant therapy of kinds of inflammation, emmeniopathy, and illness in gestation and lactation, such as dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, gestation response, hypogen.

Method of taking medicine:

Two or three times a day for adult. One teaspoon (about 2g) each time and drink with water or non acid syrup before meal.


1. Though chlorophyll powder has no side-effect at all, it may arouse light diarrhea sometime if the dose is much more than normal. But the symptom will disappear when the dose is decreased.

2. The bioactivity of the valuable components will be destroyed by high temperature or refrigeration, so do not take medicine with boil water or freezing water, Keep the products in a shade and dry condition with airproof. Don’t put it in refrigerator.

3. Do not take the medicine with acid food.

4. The products will agglomerate when be affected with damp, but it will not affect the avail.

5. Contain no man made pigment or antiseptics at all.


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