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Young Plants Green Powder Series
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The use and actions of Pumpkin Powder product 

The pumpkin powder has been thought to be the top grade healthy product by home and abroad, which integrates the functions of food, health product and drug and its function and the use are quite widespread.

1. It is a kind of high-grade natural and nutritional health product with special therapeutic effects on diabetes, hypertension and obesity etc, and with good health protection efficacy against gastric ulcer and atherosclerosis etc. It can promote the regeneration of liver and kidney cells and has good cancer-protection effect. It is an ideal natural, health and food therapy product.

2. It is a kind of additive and enhancer which was used for high-quality functional foods, beverage, top-grade powder foods and meat-filled foods.

3. It is a special additive for high-grade cosmetics. It has the functions of life-prolonging, face-beautying and cosmetic for its rich of SOL factor.

4. Material: The pharmacological action of pumpkin has been recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica. The super-fine pumpkin powder that produced by our company can furthest exert the pharmacological action of pumpkin, is the component of tens of drugs, and is an important pharmaceutical material.

Furthermore, the pumpkin powder can exert good therapeutic efficacy on hypertension, atherosclerosis and obesity ect. In addition, some enzymes contained in pumpkin such as quercetin and molybdenum has special actions of cancer-protection and environmental toxin-resisting.

Attachments :Knowledge of using pumpkin powder to prevent and treat diabetes.

Pumpkin is the fruit of the plant pumpkin in the curcurbitaceae family. It has full and special nutrients. The pulp is rich in citrulline, arginine, aspartic acid, gynesine, adenine, carotin, various vitamin (especially VA, VC and VE), pectin, cyclopropyl amino acid (CTY), mannitol and trace elements (especially potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, ferrum, chromium, zinc etc.).

In recent years, use the pumpkin powder to prevent and treat diabetes has been accepted in the world. After use the pumpkin powder, 70-80% of the type diabetes patients reduced their blood sugar level, which showed that pumpkin powder has the function of reducing blood sugar and elevating insulin.

How does the pumpkin powder prevent and treat diabetes? In many years, lots of scientists had committed on the research of the functional factors of pumpkin to prevent and treat diabetes, and their results showed that the action of pumpkin powder to prevent and treat diabetes was accomplished by the combining of several components rather than a single component. CTY contained in pumpkin can promote the normal secretion of insulin and enhance the sensitivity of insulin receptors. At the same time it can activate glucokinase which can accelerate the transform of glucose and reduce the blood sugar level.

Pumpkin is rich of pectin which can reduce the secretion of gastric inhibitory polypeptide thus lowering the level of blood sugar and insulin after meal, and it has the satiety effect too which can alleviate the hungry feeling of patients. Various trace elements and vitamins also play an important role in blood sugar controlling, such as chromium functions as the activity center of glucose tolerance factor(GIF) and stimulates the intake of glucose and maintaining the glucose tolerance, and the deficiency of chromium can reduce the generate of GTF in the body which can lower the bio-activity of insulin. The chromium content of pumpkin is 50 fold more than ordinary food.


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