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Product Finished Catalog
Young Plants Green Powder Series
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Paper box pack)
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Organic Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Hardbound)
Young Alfalfa Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Zong Huai Tea(New resources of healthy product,Scholartree Fruits
Raw Materials Catalog
Scholartree Fruits Tea Series
Scholartree Fruits Tea(Tea-bag)(New resources of healthy productScholartree Fruits
Scholartree Fruits Extracts(New resources of healthy productScholartree Fruits
Bulk Scholartree Fruit Tea(New resources of healthy product,Scholartree Fruits)
Young Plants Green Powder Series
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Barley Leaves Powder,Barley Grass Powder
Young Barley Juice Green Powder(Barley Juice Green Powder
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Wheat Leaves Powder,Wheat Grass Powder
Organic Kale Grass Powder
Young Wheat Juice Green Powder
Young Rye Leaves Powder(Rye Grass Powder)
Young Rye Juice Green Powder
Young Buckwheat Leaves(Buckwheat Leaves Powder,Buckwheat Grass Powder)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Extracts
Young Alfalfa Powder(Alfalfa Grass Powder)
Young Alfalfa Juice Green Powder
Introduction of Oat Grass Leaves Powder
Balsam Pear Powder
Mulberry Leaves PowderMulberry Leaf Powder,Mulberry Leaf
Other Series
Spinach Powder
Pumpkin Flour
Pumpkin Extracts
Agaricus Blazei
Agaricus Blazei Extracts
The Planting Field
Our conception:  
taking humanity as the basis and morality as the priority; keeping improving and keeping pace with time.  
Our principle:  
bringing health to people, creating fortunefor posterity, and increasing green for the world.
Our company has its new product R&D institute, which is responsible for the collection and research of product information, research and development of new product, improvement of producing technique, and quality inspection and control.
we hold the conception that "man is the first element in quality management and control", and every employee must receive strict and comprehensive technical training in regular time.  
In respect of raw material supply  
In respect of raw material supply, the breed and producing area of material can cause differences in quality. In order to insure the excellence and stability of the quality of products, we established our own stable material growing base and supply network after strict selection and certificating.
In respect of quality inspection  
In respect of quality inspection, each section of production: material purchase-storage-the whole producing process-stock-consignment, is under strict quality control and supervision.  
In terms of production  

In terms of production, operations comply with regulations strictly; producing equipment and infrastructure fully measure up to national trade standards. After many years of active development, the producing scale and capability of Hengshui Shangzhi Company was expanded constantly.

Now, it possesses:

1?Complete set of dehydration equipment: DW belt drier, microwave drier, infrared drier and so on?

2?Complete set of extracting equipment (for both dry and fresh material): dry material soak and extraction, fresh material squeeze and extraction, spraying dehydration, and granule production?

3?High-tech extreme tiny comminuting equipment: freezing airflow comminution (comminuting at -5o C to effectively save the nutritional elements, color, fragrance and flavor of material), and airflow adjuster.

4?We also possess several full-automatic pocket tea-packing machines.
In terms of quality tracking, every batch of products has complete archives on the whole process from material to finished products and distribution, and also has samples reserved.

Perfect quality management system  
Perfect quality management system; complete modern producing facilities; production, scientific research, development and experiment are combined into one to guarantee quality of products effectively so as to fully meet the demands of market and customer  


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