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Our products have achieved Japan, the United States, the European Union, China Green International certificate of Organic Food and Jewish Kosher certification, not only in line with the standards of exporting countries, but also met the standards of the importing country and customer requirements, accepted into the current stringent Export commodity inspection testing, reached a pesticide-free, no radiation, no foreign bodies in the fine food security conditions.

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Product Finished Catalog
Young Plants Green Powder Series
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Paper box pack)
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Paper bottle pack)
Organic Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder(Hardbound)
Young Alfalfa Leaves Powder(Independence bag pack)
Zong Huai Tea(New resources of healthy productScholartree Fruits
Raw Materials Catalog
Scholartree Fruits Tea Series
Scholartree Fruits Tea(Tea-bag)(New resources of healthy product, Scholartree Fruits)
Scholartree Fruits Extracts(New resources of healthy product, Scholartree Fruits)
Bulk Scholartree Fruit Tea(New resources of healthy product, Scholartree Fruits)
Young Plants Green Powder Series
Young Barley Leaves Powder(Barley Leaves Powder,Barley Grass Powder)
Young Barley Juice Green Powder(Barley Juice Green Powder)
Young Wheat Leaves Powder(Wheat Leaves Powder,Wheat Grass Powder)
Organic Kale Grass Powder
Young Wheat Juice Green Powder
Young Rye Leaves Powder(Rye Grass Powder)
Young Rye Juice Green Powder
Young Buckwheat Leaves(Buckwheat Leaves Powder,Buckwheat Grass Powder)
Young Buckwheat Leaves Extracts
Young Alfalfa Powder(Alfalfa Grass Powder)
Young Alfalfa Juice Green Powder
Introduction of Oat Grass Leaves Powder
Balsam Pear Powder
Mulberry Leaf(Mulberry Leaf Powder,Mulberry Leaf)
Other Series
Spinach Powder
Pumpkin Flour
Pumpkin Extracts
Agaricus Blazei
Agaricus Blazei Extracts
The Planting Field


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"Chunming ®" organic grass powder series products ensure 100% pure product. No pesticides, no fertilizer,no additives, no irradiation, all of the products attche  the country of origin mark.

The human beings’ health is our liability

 The brief instruction of Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO., LTD


Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO., LTD is a Sino-foreign joint enterprise, which has acquired the certification of GMP in China, JAS in Japan, EEC in Europe, NOP and Kosher certification in USA, COFCC in China and the certification of ISO 9001: 2008 quality system management. Meanwhile, our company has the own export and import right. Our products which have no any fertilizer、 pesticide and any additive are 100% organic.

The dominate products: Scholar--tree Tea series are made from the Sophora—the fruit of Sophora Japonica L.—Chinese unique resource. It is a kind of pure natural solid health drink with distinctive smell, color and flavor like coffee, and has the reputation of “Chinese Coffee” which has not the caffeine. The Scholar tree Fruits Extracts is widely developed into nutrition and immunization health products by experts. The tea was approved by Public Health Ministry P.R of China as “Health” food for smoothing the intestines and stools and adjusting blood fat, and approved as “New Food Resource” —NO. WXSZZ(91)--001. It is also a two-patent product, and sole production.

The main products: Young Barley Leaves Powder (organic), Young Wheat Leaves Powder (organic), Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder (organic), Young Rye Leaves Powder, Young Alfalfa Powder, Mulberry Leaves Powder, Balsam Pear Powder, Pumpkin Powder, Young Barley Juice Green Powder. Our company meets the non-seasonal supply requirement.


We depending on the advantaged planting conditions of 6000 hectares of international organic certification base, which in plain of North China, strictly carry out the criterion of certification JAS in Japan, EEC in Europe, NOP in USA, COFCC in China.

The company uses the advanced technical equipments, the product retains the intrinsic target perfectly. and make our process unique. Possessing of fist-class equipments for extracting and condensing, many kinds of drying equipments (infrared drying, DW band drying, microwave drying, static electricity drying, spray drying), and all kinds of equipment conditions, such as stirring motion crumbling, super-micro crumbling, airflow crumbling, high frequent shaking crumbling and million-micro crumbling, emulsification, synthesis, decentralization. Our products can make and return grain PDL graining machine) to satisfy different requirement of clients.

All of our products export to America, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and so on, the products conform to the export international standard completely. Based on the principle of “firstly the inspection and certificate, then you can order the products”. Meanwhile, we have invited many customs to inspect our company. After the inspection, Mr. YIBUTAIHONG the president of IRYNA CO., LTD in Japan gave the following appraisal: “It is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, your company is the first manufactory in Asia, having the biggest output and the best quality. The high—grade engineer and president is no doubt to be the father of Young Leaves products. ”

Certification of “JAS”in Japan
ISO9001 Certificate of hengshui shanzhi health drink CO.,ltd
ECOCERT SA's Certificate # 1349CN0700z1e(US)
ECOCERT SA's Certificate of EEC Certificate #1349CN0700z1e
Certification of China Organic Food Certification Center


Joint Venture Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO., LTD is the enterprise which based on producing organic and healthcare materials. The company has received the certificate of GMP, ISO9001: 2008 quality system management. Meanwhile, the company has the right of independent export and import. Please visit the company’s website(www.hsshanzhi.com)for the detail information.
At present, the company is searching the home and aboard agents of products: Scholartree Fruits Tea, Scholartree Fruits Extracts, Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder, Young Barley Leaves Powder and so on. In order to reach the mutually benefit on the cooperation, Shanzhi takes the responsibility for producing, and the partners should take the responsibility for marketing sales.

Once you have the intention, please call us for the details without hesitation.

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