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Young Plants Green Powder Series
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Young barley leaves powder

Introduction to Wheat and Young barley leaves powder:

1、 Our company is the most early enterprise engaged in the young barley leaves production in China. It is also an enterprise that positioning at healthy  raw material production It belongs to the enterprise that passed the GMP provide production licence through the medical department.

2、quality guarantee measures and advantages:
2.1. Planting:

Our production base is located in the plain of north China, Has more than 400 hectare planter farms, the advantageous geography climatic conditions is most suitable for the young barley leaves to grow. On this foundation,our company through absorbing insecticides and land reclamation for three and activity take organic producing standard for management from 1994. we carry out management by the organic criterion. In 1997 and 1998, we are granted the certificate of producing with organic food staple, certificate of organic food procession and certificate of organic food trade, which are awarded by Organic Food Development Center In National Environment Bureau. Plant and produce by the organic criterion, Our products export to U.S.A according to FDA standard for many years without any quality problem. Our company has certificate of organic food procession and produce (JAS) by Japan Organic and Natural Foods Associated in 2003. The quality of our company products is best one in China, and Our company have already got the EU EEC certificate American certificate of NOP s on Jan 6 in 2005. Our company have passed the certification of China Organic Food Certification Center (COFCC) on July 14 in 2005.
2.2 Advanced qualification, international standard of production which exported to the US、Europe、Southeast Asia and some other countries:
(1) Every material is cleaned through 9 procedures, which consist of turning over by machine and washing with flowing water, Transport to clean, flushing with high pressure, rinsing with boiling water and cooling.
(2) Desiccation with microwave can make staff dehydrate quickly and sterilize at the same time; eliminate heavy metal and pesticide can reduce the content of baneful heavy metal in products effectively, It is the technique secret of my company that powder disinfect, Need not γ ray to disinfect, there by meet the export criterion.
(3) Crushing products with freezing air current make it possible to be ultra micro-pulverized under 0? The technique avoid heater in the process of crushing products which reduce the quality of products, then reserve the nutrient contents perfectly.
(4) 12 path of magnetic selecting equipment combines with the instrument of metal seek; effectively remove intermingled metals during processing to insure the quality of production.
(5) The use of products flowing grader makes it impossible to find impurity in our products. We guarantee the quality of our products (they can not appear impurity minimum 0.5 mm length in 100 metric tons).
(6) Packing in vacuum and fulfill with ozone and nitrogen guarantee the stable quality.
(7) We can supply with series products in amyl plastid or embedding in order to make it easy to dissolve and convenient for certain products.

3 、The production quantity attains 1200 T/ years, supplying goods to be free from time and seasonal restricts.

4 、High-class establishment plus high-class management make it practical to produce high-class products.
As a manufacturer of health food, we follow the production condition of physic, improve both the hardware and the software, and establish a stable foundation for providing client with high quality products, accordingly achieve the whole advanced flowing processing.
Our company makes great efforts in postulate such as soil, water, fertilizer and seed. In all organic farm it takes more than three year to meliorate the soil Self-supporting water comes from deep well and meets the organic criterion ;Use organic fertilizer, no chemical fertilizer and pesticide is permitted ;The imported seed ‘two-rowed'(without gene disposal)has a characteristic that the foliage, as the main growth part ,is thicker, wider ,larger, and containing more nutrient contents than other breeds; Complete the whole working procedure from reap to finished products within 1 hour to ensure the high quality of our products. The crop cultivation period is exactly can avoid the insect heavy living period, the miscellaneous grass growth period, the multifariously rain, the germs stirring up and the agrochemical spraying normally in the farmland.   We give priority to ‘nip in the bud 'in the aspects of manufacture quality and sanitation. We fit out several items
of sterilize facilities such as ultraviolet radiation, ozonator and airpurifier from transportation ,package and workshop .Finished products must under control of rigid management such as vacuum drying ,microwave drying ,inspection ,vacuum packing and fulfill nitrogen ,leaving factory checkout ,etc.
   Planting technology guarantee: young plants must be planted in a ventilated and illuminated condition ,shorter than 9inches ,and the illuminate time is 28-30days. Take the content of chlorophyll, ergotinine , cellulose as criterion when reap.

5、My company still produces the Young Wheat Leaves Powder, Young Buckwheat Leaves Powder, Young Alfalfa Powder, Mulberry Leaves Powder, Pumpkin Powder, Balsam pear Powder…etc. and the extracts of them, Welcome the incoming telegram to condescend to inquire sincerely


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