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Young Green Plants Honey Drink Series Products

The products of young green plants honey drink of our company have a lot of flavors such as barley taste, wheat taste, buckwheat taste, rye taste, alfalfa taste and spinach taste.
These series of products employ the pure natural and super tiny barley grass powder, wheat grass powder, buckwheat grass powder, rye grass powder, alfalfa grass powder and spinach extracts produced by our company with natural rape honey and isomalto-oligosaccharide. We fully preserved the original color luster and faint scent adding the sweet-smell of honey and healthy function of isomalto-oligosaccharide.It tastes slender and sweet, so it is suitable to all kinds of people. In addition, the SOD in barley leaves, the wheat ferment in wheat leaves, the anthocyanin in rye leaves and the total flavone in buckwheat leaves are perfectly remained and forming the different flavors.
If you use this series products for a long period ,they can supply kinds of amino acids, vitamins, and dietary fiber.It can also clean out free radicles, exclude toxin and garbage in our body, therefore make it possible to regulate blood fat, relax the bowels, maintain good looking, enhance immunity, prevent cancer and lower blood sugar. All of the products have these common health care functions, however each of them has their special features. Detailed instructions are as follows:
Young Barley /wheat /rye honey drink, Barley /wheat /rye chlorophyll honeydew drink:
It has a reputation of "green blood" and "scavenger" because it is a best product that can resist free radicles and abundant in SOD, chlorophyll and vitamin. It is suitable for old people, fieldworker and pregnant woman. In addition, industrial disease sufferer will became better and career woman can eliminate toxin and maintain beauty easily.
Buckwheat leaves & honeydew drink:
The total flavone is 1.7% which is fit for people of naevus, hypertension and high blood fat.
Alfalfa leaves & honeydew drink, Alfalfa chlorophyll honeydew drink:
It contains alfalfa, which is called the "father of all food" by Arab. It is rich in decompose ferment, alfalfa saponin, protein, micro element and so on.It is suitable for the prevention and cure of diseases in throat, digestive system and joint.
Drinking method:
Put two spoons(about 3-5g) of our products into a cup with 200ml cool water or lukewarm water under 40℃.Then drink after stirring it in the cup. The taste will be better if you put the drink in refrigerator iced.
These series of products contain natural chlorophyll and lots of active enzymes which can be easily transformed into lutein losing their activity caused by missing out magnesium oxygenation. So we strongly recommend consumers to drink instantly after mixing with water. Long time installation is not appropriate. After each use please close the lid tightly and put into a dry cabinet without sunlight in order to maintain the freshness. If you can not use it up within 3 months after unseal, you are advised to put it into refrigerator.