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Mulberry Leaves Powder
With a synonym of iron fan, mulberry leaf belongs to moraceae. In recent years, researchers of different countries have conducted a systematic study on the composition, function and functioning mechanization. As a result, they found that there are a great deal of nutrition component and biological active substance in it and it has such functions as reducing blood sugar, blood pressure, blood fat and postponing decrepit. Especially, the DNJ substance within it is a functioning substance that other plants and animals don't have. Eat together with food, it has functions as constraining the rise of blood sugar and preventing diabetes. In addition, Mulbcrrin within mulberry leaf has cancer resistant activity and the function of constraining epiphyte. Experiment shows, N-Me-DNJ, GAL-DNJ, fagomine can reduce blood sugar level significantly, of which, GAL-DNJ, fagomine has the most obvious sugar reduction roles. Mulberry leaf is tasty, it has rich calcium and iron and nutrition contents. With no side-effects, it is a kind of new generation natural functional health raw material. Mulberry leaf series products will be fashionable product in the current world catering structure.

 Crude Protein %  Crude Fat % Dietary Fiber % Dissolvable Sugar % Amino acid gross
VitamineB1 mg/100g  Carotene
3  32.8 2.56 52.9 9.6 20.96 0.59 7.4
Chlorophyll % Flavone % Alkaloid %   Amylose % Sterol %  DNJ %  
0.01 3.3 0.42 1.86 0.05 0.1  
Mulberry health care function and related physiological active substance and content:
Health care Function Blood sugar
Blood fat
Blood pressure
and decrepit
 Active substance
Alkaloid  Amylos Sterol γ -aminobutyric acid(GABA)  Isoflavone compound
1-DNJ:about 100 Rich  Sitosterol:46
About 220 Isoquercitrinabout300,
quercitrin about 300 Quercetin
about 100 quercitrin about 300 Quercetin  about 100
Mechanism of mulberry leaf's reduction of blood sugar and related study
Effective component  Study result
Alkaloid(1-DNJ) When the mulberry leaf carbinol attraction co-exist, cane sugar absorption will be constrained, which shows mulberry leaf carbinol has constraining functions on the activity of disaccharid isoamylalcohol.
Reduction of mulberry leaf aqueous extract leads to the drop of dextrose content in external vein of white rat, which shows aqueous extracts can constrain the activity of maltase and lactase.
Mulberry leaf powder has obvious function in constraining the rise of blood sugar of white rat. There are two mechanisms for mulberry leaf alkaloid's reduction of blood sugar: one is the constraining of a-glycosidase a ctivity,promotion of the release of insulin.
Alkali Fagomine
Alkaloid fagomine can obvious, ly increase the insulin content caused by&, nbsp;dextrose thus to reduce blood sugar of Diabetic mouse.
Amylose At the time of reducingblood sugar, mulberry leaf can significantly upgrade the insulin level.