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Organic Balsam Pear Powder

Organic balsam pear powder is a kind of loose yellow powder. The ingredients are from the tender balsam pear which are planted in certified organic planting base. Strictly obey international organic standards, the processes we employ are cutting segments, nine-time-cleaning, low temperature drying, airflow smashing at low temperature , grading machine, metal detector and twelve magnetic device which is to get rid of foreign bodies.Our company can also make different packing specifications depending on requirements of customers. General packing specification: 10 kg / bag * 2 / carton or 25 kg / drum.
Balsam pear description:
Scientific name: Momordica charantiap, Balsam pear for the Cucurbitaceae, spindle, a tumor-like uplift, the color is orange when it is ripe, bitter, The pulp is bright red and sweet. Properties: bitter cold. Belong to the spleen, stomach, heart, liver channels.

Modern research:
The balsam pear contains balsam pear, 5- hydroxyl tryptamines and the glutamic acid, the alanine the proline, the Y- aminobutyric acid , the citrulline, the galacturonic , the pectin, carbohydrate, the micro fat, the protein, the calcium, the phosphorus, iron, the renieratene, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and so on. There are many biological activity ingredients adjusting blood sugar, enzyme activity, anti-tumor and anti-virus. At present the scientist already deputed the ingredient which have confirmed are the balsam pear agglutinin, the elaterin, the ribosome deactivation protein, Po melon-glycoside, the carrot, the sterol, the MAP 30 proteins, the P proteins.